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Alliance Care Advisors helps seniors and their families manage through the complexities of aging. We can help with everything from getting information organized to oversight and coordination of care in a crisis to ensure that our clients and their families’ needs and wishes are met.

Our plans are personalized, and our services are tailored to each family that we serve. We solve problems and address the issues of most concern to you and your family, helping you understand your options and make the right decisions.

Alliance Care Advisors services include:

  • Assist with implementation of physician recommendations

  • Help navigate complex treatment plans

  • Provide crisis management during hospitalizations and other emergency situations

  • Protecting your resources by reducing hospitalizations and avoiding unnecessary services

  • Addressing difficult issues like safety concerns, managing multiple diseases and cognitive decline

  • Offering a secure web-based portal for seniors and designated family members to view current health care records and health status

  • Plan health care provider visits to make sure key concerns are discussed

  • Attend appointments to document physician recommendations

  • Advise on disease management and wellness strategies in accordance with health care provider recommendations

  • Explain how to integrate physician recommendations and treatment plans into daily routines to improve overall well-being
    and quality of life